West Region

i-VALLEY Changes the BC Communications Landscape

i-VALLEY has worked these areas, among others, to help communities drive change:

  • City of Coquitlam (BC)
    • First open-access municipal in Canada (2007), leasing dark fibre to incumbent and competitive service providers
    • Developed the business plan project plan and oversaw the implementation
    • Started with 2 incumbent service providers, six are offering services to businesses and residents
    • Design, build and lease space two Datacentres
    • 60 buildings connected
    • School district connected
    • Cashflow positive in five years
    • Loan $6.3Mio, payback in 23 years
    • Revenues exceeding $800K a year

  • City of New Westminster (BC)
    • Open access network to connect 140 high rises and serving 10k residents (started 2014)
    • Developed the business plan project plan and oversaw the implementation
    • Investment $10Mio
    • Cashflow positive in 6 years
    • Payback 22 years
    • Six competitive ISP`s are providing services to residents (Gigabit @ $75$ /month)
  • City of Campbell River (BC)
    • Open Access fibre network serving businesses in the core of Campbell river (started in 2016)
    • Investment $1Mio
    • Payback 20 years
    • Three service providers

i-VALLEY Brings Exemplary Experience to BC

i-VALLEY’s lead in BC is Vice President Roel Coert, a seasoned project manager helping teams deliver large, state of the art, information and telecommunication technology services.

Roel has expertise in Open Access Network business plans, design, and operations; Communication Network Designs; Data Network Cabling; Fiber Optic Network Layout Designs; Fibre Optic Systems; Fibre Optic narrow trench; and Project Management.

Roel has cutting-edge technology experience working with major Information Communications Technology firms throughout Europe, including cable and Telco companies.

Roel led the engineering team of one of the first commercial Internet dial-up networks in Europe, He directed a team connecting the first customers on broadband Internet over the cable, and designed and built the first-ever Open Access Fibre to the Home network, offering VoIP, TVoIP, remote storage and internet access from multiple service providers.

Relocating to Vancouver in 2005, Roel offers 20 years of experience in IT and Telco to businesses, implementing in-house and to the market services.

Roel has developed Open Access Fibre to the Home and Fibre to the Premises business plans and has led a team in the business planning, engineering, design, and operations of the first Canadian Open Access optical fibre network in British Columbia.

Roel currently assists rural communities in obtaining broadband access across BC while assessing opportunities with IoT , 5G and satellite emerging technologies