Roel Coert

Vice President – British Columbia

Expertise:  Open Access Network business plans, design and operations / Communication Network Designs / Data Network Cabling / Fiber Optic Network Layout Designs / Fibre Optic Systems / Fibre Optic narrow trench / Project Management, Internet of Things.


Roel is a successful leader with an extensive background in telecom technologies, operations, broadband access and infrastructure. He enjoys the many aspects of collaboration with people and stakeholders, technology, business development, and financial management. He is driven and accountable while transparent and respectful.


Roel pioneered municipal open access networks in Europe and deployed three major Initiatives in British Columbia. He develops open-access business plans, including revenues and cash flow, SWOT analysis, council presentations, project management, data centre design, operational implementation, contract negotiations with Service Providers and writing requests for proposals.


Roel currently assists rural communities in obtaining broadband access across BC while assessing opportunities with IoT, 5G, and satellite emerging technologies. He holds a European Telecom Engineering degree and an MBA in Telecommunications.


City of Rotterdam, Fibre to the Home, Open access pilot, 4,000 homes connected, three competitive services providers.

City of Coquitlam Results: ($6M), + 60 business and residential towers, 20 SD43 schools connected, cashflow positive with five years. Two Fte employment creation. Design and build a green datacentre, developed cost-effective micro trench methodology meeting engineering and public works requirements.

City of New Westminster Results: ($10M), Eight service providers offer Gigabit Internet service to 10.000 residential units in 130 high rises at a competitive price. One Fte employment creation.  

City of Campbell River Results: ($800K), network build within budget, on time, five commercial business connected with Gigabit Internet speed

City of Delta Results: The incumbent builds their fibre network within a year and ahead of their schedule after the council received my business plan for open access connecting 1,500 businesses in Anacis Island and Tilbury.

City of Kelowna Results: Middle mile network build based on my SWOT analysis and network architecture recommendations,

Community of Bamfield: Fibre to the Home design, grant application assistance

City of Kamloops: SWOT analysis existing Fibre to the premises network

City of Chilliwack: Design and project managed the build 5Km Fibre optic network

Township of Langley: Recommended Fibre optic design architecture and equipment

City of Port Moody: Design and project managed the build of a fibre optic network