Mayor Clarke: Annapolis Valley is Pilot for Smart Community Innovations

Berwick Mayor Don Clarke said that a number of first-ever programs to create “Smart Communities” are soon to be launched in the Annapolis Valley.  He credits the Valley’s community-led cooperation for attracting the innovations to the region.

“Coming next week, we will have a full meeting of Annapolis Valley Mayors, Wardens, Chiefs, economic planners, and business leaders.  Experts from across Canada are gathering in Berwick on August 25th to accelerate our leadership in creating a “Smart Annapolis Valley”.

“Smart Communities” build on broadband communications to accelerate the growth of business, improve social systems, and engage the public in creating a sustainable environment.

The leaders will discuss some of the innovations coming to the Valley:

  • Uniquely, the Annapolis Valley has been chosen as the only rural community in Canada to pilot a new “Internet heat map”, which can record network speeds down to the household or business level. The fine-grained analysis from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) will help allocate infrastructure resources to build up the Valley’s networks.
  • A new ISO Smart City standard for Smart Rural Communities is being designed for the Valley by the Global Cities Institute, based in Toronto, so that countries around the world can place the Valley on their “watch list” of attractive knowledge-economy locations.
  • The latest programs about boosting community growth through immigration will be addressed by the President of the Information and Communications Technology Council, so the Valley con continue its pioneering work in the merging of refugees into the growth structures of the towns.

“Our special guest speaker at the Mayors gathering is Dan Mathieson, Mayor of Stratford, Ontario,” said Mayor Clarke.  “Stratford is an agricultural community like ours, and they used smart networking to help recover from a near-death economic situation.  They have gone on to be a magnet for new businesses.”

This event is curated by i-Valley (i-Valley Intelligent Community Association) in partnership with the Valley Regional Enterprise Network. The goal at this event is to create a timeline and process for priority broadband pilot projects, to be carried out through the i-Valley Smart Annapolis Valley initiative.

“All community and business leaders are welcome,” added the Mayor.  “There is a “Mayors, Wardens and Chiefs” event in the morning, and a Smart Community Economic Workshop in the afternoon.”

An agenda is available on request; for further information please contact:

Terry Dalton

President, i-Valley

(902) 488-2300




February 25, 2016: Invitation to meet with U.S. expert on “Smart Annapolis Valley”

Those interested in the social growth and business development the Annapolis Valley are being invited to attend a public meeting with David Sandel, Smart Community leader from St. Louis, Missouri. The founder of the Gigabit City Summit will explain the return on investment in terms of economic growth and social transformation from Smart Cities, sharing his experiences in building these communities in the U.S. and Canada.

The objective of the meeting is to raise awareness of how a realistic growth plan can accelerate the development of the Smart Annapolis Valley.

A cornerstone of every major economy around the world, a Smart Community or Region is a collaborative, entrepreneurial area of higher employment, effective education, satisfactory recreation and better health care that makes the most efficient use of infrastructure and resources.

David will describe how communities have organized to obtain and use broadband-speed communications for business and social revitalization.

“What we need to do to change the game in the Annapolis Valley will be inspired and assisted by your intentional involvement in the creation of the Smart Valley,” said Kelly Ells, CEO of the Valley Regional Enterprise Network. “Your thoughts are valuable and your participation is being requested by all the organizing groups.” i-Valley is taking the lead on the meeting, with support from the Valley Regional Enterprise Network, the Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce (AVCC), Acadia University, the district of East Hants, and local businesses.

A Smart Annapolis Valley can spark innovations built on smart technologies, the Internet of Things, high speed fiber, mobility, analytics and big data capabilities to spark community economic development, including the identification of new public and private sector revenue streams, the attraction and retention of talent and improvements in the quality of life.

A bio of David can be found here.

The meeting will take place at the Berwick Lions Hall, 225 Veterans Drive, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., on Thursday February 25th.

Please RSVP to:
Kelly Ells
CEO, Valley REN