CIRA Heat Map Site Intro

CIRA Website Introduction

An invitation to participate in the Internet Heat Map
and help move the Annapolis Valley to a high-broadband region.

  • A free tool from i-Valley measures your Internet speed and gathers the results
  • It helps bring broadband Internet service to your location

What is the Internet Heat Map?

Also known as the Internet Protocol Tool (IPT), it was developed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) in partnership with i-Valley. The IPT is being piloted in 12 communities across Canada; the Annapolis Valley was chosen as the only rural region in Canada where this tool will be piloted.  The IPT measures the exact speed of your Internet service, and allows i-Valley to provide evidence-based information to funding and broadband agencies so that new networks can be constructed faster and more precisely.

Why Participate?

Participating will ensure that the Internet speed needs of your house, business, neighbourhood and region will be known and will be met. You will also get an official view of your real Internet speed.

What is Required?

Just go to this link and hit “Start”.  It would be appreciated if you could do this over a period of weeks or months, but any time you have available will be gratefully accepted and will be important to our results.  It can be removed at any time, and all results are confidential.