Billions Available

Billions in Federal programs available for Smart Community activity

These Federal programs include:

  • The “Connect to Innovate” program, announced December 15 2016, will invest up to $500 million by 2021, to bring high-speed Internet to rural and remote communities in Canada. In these communities, challenging geography and smaller populations present barriers to private sector investment in building, operating and maintaining infrastructure.  Two Districts of concern to the Valley REN  –  Kings and Hants  –  have been entered by i-Valley in the first stage of the contest.  I-Valley has a “mini” version of the program available for other communities…talk to us.
  • The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced on December 21 2016 that it will set up a fund of $750-million above and beyond other programs, to drive Internet speeds of 50 megabits per second (Mbps) download/10 Mbps upload. It will be focused on underserved areas.  The earliest possible applications have priority.  Talk to us if you have an interest.
  • Connecting Canadians: the Federal Government announced an investment of up to $500 million over five years for a new program to extend and enhance broadband service in rural and remote communities. Investment in quality broadband networks will extend access to innovative services that improve education, healthcare, productivity, and local quality of life. Further program details will be announced in the coming months.  i-Valley can help bring your plans o life trough this program.
  • Smart Cities Program: an as-yet unannounced federal program of $350-million for Smart Cities.  The Index will provide the Annapolis Valley with an “unfair advantage” over all the other entries: we can back up what we say, with actual statistics that can evaluate social and economic evolution.  We will keep you apprised of this as news becomes available.


Creating the strongest possible investment attraction case is urgent.  Putting the case for federal investment into an evidence-based strategy that incorporates all the economic, social and resource indexes for any Region, requires tools and approaches that are provided through i-Valley.