Berwick Creating First “Smart Town Hall” in Collaboration with Cisco, Hanatech and i-Valley

Berwick Creating First “Smart Town Hall”

Berwick Creating First “Smart Town Hall” in Collaboration with Cisco, Hanatech and i-Valley

The Town of Berwick announced today that it will be home to the first “Smart Town Hall” in Nova Scotia.  In collaboration with Cisco, Hanatech and i-Valley, the new Berwick Town Hall will employ ultra-high-speed networking and digital solutions to transform the community hub into a “Smart Building”.

“Our public service, business and community members will be served by advanced digital network technologies that enhance civic work, innovation, research and outreach,” said Berwick Mayor Don Clarke. “These technologies will yield numerous operational savings and make the building easier to manage and maintain.”

“The smart design also future-proofs the new Town Hall as it establishes a digital foundation that combines flexibility, high-capacity and the ability to easily accommodate new features that can be incorporated at a later date.”

“Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities portfolio of solutions offers a holistic approach to transforming public spaces into smart, connected communities,” said Rod Murphy, VP Sales, Atlantic for Cisco Canada.  “Berwick’s new Smart Town Hall is seen as the seed for digital applications that could manage city infrastructure including connected parking, traffic, lighting, education, healthcare, safety and security and remote access to government services; it will also help to break down silos between city agencies, citizens and private companies.”

Among the current features of the new “Smart Town Hall” are:

  • “Smart Council Chambers:” A super-speed network will connect the Town Council Chambers to world networks, allowing members to engage in virtual video meetings with global experts or other Annapolis Valley councils;
  • Unified Communications: An advanced and scalable Unified Communications platform including an Internet-Protocol (IP) telephony system will serve 50 Town Hall employees with the ability to expand to 150 and satisfy all required Information Technology (IT) functions;
  • Innovation Hub: A dedicated room will offer a one-gigabit connection for entrepreneurs and innovators, providing them with the high-speed link needed to develop solutions that require high data transfers like 3-D printing or virtual healthcare;
  • “Smart Library:” The same super-speed network will be available to the Annapolis Valley Regional Library, which is co-locating in the Town Hall, opening up the potential for online seminars and further book-sharing;

“Because the ‘spinal cord’ of the building will be digital, one fibre optic cable replaces the normal bundle of separate cables.” commented Ali Nafarieh, VP and Co-Founder of Hanatech. “From one source, we can control systems like video surveillance, door entry, climate control, lighting and other building functions.”

Hanatech will serve as the chief contractor on the project and specializes in smart buildings.

“The Berwick Smart Town Hall is not being created in isolation – it is the first piece in the concept of ‘Smart Annapolis Valley’ –  a program endorsed by the Mayors and Wardens in the region,” said Terry Dalton, President of the not-for-profit association i-Valley. “We have been working with a number of communities regionally to transform them into ‘Smart Communities’ that combine new emerging technologies with applications that increase business-level innovation, lower costs, attract investment and accelerate business, environmental, and social development; this all begins in Berwick.”


About the Town of Berwick:

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Annapolis Valley, Berwick is the little town with lots to offer. Berwick is safe, affordable and boasts an excellent quality of life. It is home to a range of diverse shops, restaurants, farmers’ markets and is only minutes away from the Annapolis Valley’s two community college campuses and Acadia University. Come to visit or stay and see why Berwick is Nova Scotia’s fastest growing town!

About Cisco:

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in IT that helps companies and cities seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. For ongoing news, please go to

About Hanatech:

Halifax-based Hanatech provides innovative and reliable networking designs, professional IT consulting services, technical support, and training opportunities for enterprise organizations, business, small offices, and homeowners. Hanatech provides integrated elegant, easy-to-use and cost-effective Smart Home and Office Security & Automation Solutions..  For more information please see:


About i-Valley:

i-Valley is a not-for-profit collaboration of Mayors, Wardens, business leaders, civic planners and academia, dedicated to facilitating the transformation of the Annapolis Valley to a Smart Region.  The goal of “Smart Annapolis Valley” is to drive efficiencies is such vital areas as energy, healthcare, business, and social engagement.  Smart Communities are those which use digital tools and services to achieve the higher employment, better income, more sustainable environment and better education that are universal traits of such communities. For information please see