• router on a stick

    I have router on a stick fa0/0.10 on R1 and an IP address assigned to R2 f0/0 I am trying to understand why I cannot ping R2 from R1?   R1 config: interface FastEthernet0/0 no ip ...
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  • BGP IPV6 routes not advertised over IPV4 session

    Hi Guys   I have an issue with BGP. BGP session has been formed but I can 't advertise routes to my BGP neighbor. The TCP session is IPv4 and I'm trying to advertise IPv6 routes   to me everything looks t...
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  • BGP -IPV6 route exchange over IPv4 & IPv6 transport

    I'm reading the Cisco FLG and towards the BGP charter (page 508) there is a configuration example on IPV6 regarding the exchange of IPv4 and IPv6 routes using IPv4, IPv6 or both as the transport protocol. Although I ...
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  • Network troubleshooting

    Hello everyone   does anyone knows where can i find a good material with deep troubleshooting steps ? like using a network monitoring tools and explanation of what is going wrong with the network ... does anyon...
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  • Exam expiration?

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question about how long you  have to complete a certification.  I took and passed my SWITCH exam about 2 1/2 years ago.  Over the last few months, I finally had the time ...
  • EIGRP with NX-OS and VRF's

    I am trying to get my eigrp routing to work while using non-default vrf's Within the default vrf the configuration was pretty similar to IOS but when I try to configure it to run in my secure VRF I cannot seem to get ...
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  • ip v6 to ip v4 ip natting

    Dear Friends,   In my LAN some device having ip v4 and some device have ipv6 .My ISP provided me ip v4 public ips.   What is the best method for ipv6 to ip v4 natting for internet access and communication ...
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  • Free Tutoring for CCNA / CCNP R&S

    I recently passed CCIE R&S , and since I like to teach and I really love the technology , I'm offering FREE TUTORING on any of the CCNA/CCNP R&S subject.   You just need to be around the EST time zone ( ...
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  • Given I have 50 Cisco Routers and I need to configure an internal routing protocol...

    Given I have 50 Cisco Routers and I need to configure an internal routing protocol...   I have two option - EIGRP and OSPF   Which protocol do I prefer and why?   Also in which scenarios I can prefer...
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  • Passed SWITCH

    Hey guys,   Passed SWITCH last week with 907 score. Followed the blueprint studying OCG, Cisco's catalyst guide, INE videos and labs from GNS3 vault. Took me 5 weeks of study after passing ROUTE.   Any a...
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  • Network Engineer Skills in the Upcoming Future

    After I obtain my CCNP, I am undecided where to go from here. My goal is to become a Network Engineer. I have read a lot of articles about SDN, SDx, NFV, API, SD-WAN, network programmability, etc.. Base on what I read...
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  • Yet another prefix list thread

    Okay, I am pretty sure I get the logic behind prefix lists, but I want to make sure. The nuances are just enough to make an engineer unsure of himself.   From the OCG, Ex 10-19 in Ch 10: ip prefix-list match-10...
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  • Catalyst 3550 Boot Issue During IOS Recovery

    I erase the flash on my 3550 switch and i tried to recover the ios image i previously saved, but during the process i encountered some problem as shown after transferring the ios to the flash using xmodem. In addition...
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  • CCNP Switch Study Guide

    Hi all,   So I've decided to re certify and go for the CCNP Switch exam. I've been reading that some decide for Route and some decide for Switch. Well, anyway, I've already started studying for Switch and need to...
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  • [Quick Survey] How much did you get paid for CCNA or CCNP ?

    Hi Everyone , I just finished my CCNA and I'm on my way for CCNP Cert . I didn't try to apply for the job after I finished my CCNA , so I'm very curious about the salary that you guys get paid in the company based on...
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  • Why unable to ping from MLS to another MLS? Any clues?

    Hi everyone,   I'm looking some help with my packet tracer setup for my studies. But would like to setup R2 & R3 with HSRP. But before I do, I would like to make sure I can ping all of my routers and switche...
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  • No smoke without fire...

    Please could someone help me with the following? Tying myself up in knots as usual, probably another case of overcooking!   Whilst going over direct and indirect failures in STP, I asked myself, "Isn't there al...
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  • L2TPv3 behind the NAT

    Hi All,   I am trying to configure an L2TPv3 tunnel, while one end is actually behind the NAT and I don't have access to the NAT server. Is it still possible? If I'm not mistaken, L2TPv3 could work through the ...
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  • CCNP Study Material?

    Hi,   I'm interested in purchasing study guides for the CCNP, however I'm a bit conflicted at the selections; I observed the CCNP has two guides (Official and Foundation) and most websites. I really just want t...
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  • BGB LAN to LAN connectivity issue. Also, how to set preferred routes?

        Above is my current topology. The Grey AS 65100 is supposed to represent an MPLS network with devices I don't manage, that just allows my sites to connect. The WDM_Velo to WG_Velo represents a dedicated ...
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