• My CCNP R&S Journey

    Hey Guys,   Just wanted to make a post that is going to help me keep track of everything that I am doing in order to obtain my CCNP R&S and hope it will hep others to obtain theirs. I will detail the expense...
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  • HSRPv2 & GLBP Multicast Addresses...

    Hi all,   HSRPv2 & GLBP both have the same multicast address of Even if it's rare, what would happen if you're running BOTH at the same time?   Would it just cause extra processing on the ...
    Adam - CCNP
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  • CCNP renewal options

    My CCNP R&S is up for renewal this September. Looking for some options. One idea I had was network programmability (NPDEV and/or NPDESI). I have a fair bit of programming experience over the years and I do know so...
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    Hello, I've recently gotten my CCNA R&S and the next thing for me now is CCNP R&S. I've begun studying for it but I find that packet tracer is below basic for CCNP. Had a hard time using it for CCNA, let alon...
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  • Structured Study Group Anyone?

    Hello: Is anyone interested in a structured study group? I’m actually off a good amount of the week. Sun-Tues.  So, I was wondering if anyone might not like to employ some of these platforms o...
    Marzella Brown
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  • private-vlan configuration with VIRL

    Has anyone been able to get private-vlan configuration to work using VIRL?   It seems I can complete the configuration fine for one community vlan and one isolated vlan.  And all of my show commands look go...
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  • Camera has Packet Input Errors on a cisco Switch.

    Hi,   We have a camera on port 5 of the switch. There is an issue that we sometime lost the connection. We moved the camera to another port of the same switch, the issue was the  same and the input errors f...
    Loc Nguyen
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  • ? CCNP Route Lab Chap7: GRE over IPsec

    This problem is straight from the CCNP Route Lab Guide and its literally been keeping me up at night. I followed the lab guide word for word but when I get to the part where I ping a host, its suppose to trigger the I...
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    Hi team, I am studying for the CCNP TSHOOT Exam, and i wish to know what is the current topology for this exam.   Thanks.
  • General advice

    Hi guys,   I'm Looking for some career advice. I have been in the British military for the last 8 years as a tech/net eng/radio eng/everything els eng lol. In that time I have gained lots of experience with a w...
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  • Trying to block all traffic to a vlan that is not generated by that vlan

    Hello, I have unsuccessfully attempted to block all traffic to a particular subnet, that wasn't generated from that subnet, whether that traffic is generated on a physical interface or a VLAN. I am trying to use a ve...
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  • DMVPN and static addressing

    In a Hub & Spoke typology when using DMVPN, does DMVPN support IPsec encryption on the tunnels with statically addressed spokes?? My understanding is that it does not support IPsec encryption. I'd appreciate some ...
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  • Cannot figure out why I am able to ping the 2nd routers private interface from the 4th router

    The first three routers are connected via BGP and they are sharing the public interface info with each other; the 4th router (R4) has static routes to the 3rd router (R3). But from R4, I am able to ping, whic...
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  • L2VPN Pseudowire & L2protocols?

    Hi, I'm just having confusion about this. I do have a simple topology as shown below.   Topology: Site A ----| SW1-(PE1)----L2vpn----(2PE2) SW2|----- Site B   With normal l2vpn pseudowire what it does it mat...
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  • uplinkfast

    Good Afternoon   I am watching one of the tutorials regarding uplinkfast and the instructor is talking about its existence being dealing with the 50 seconds delay from blocking to forwarding on the switch. So...
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  • virl not detecting ip address through DHCP

    Hi,   Recently I noticed that VIRL did not get the IP address through DHCP and i have set the network adapter as 'Bridged'. It was working fine last time i ran the VIRL VM a couple of months back. I did not ru...
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  • Study Partner

    Hey all I just passed the Switch Exam and I am looking for a study partner/Rival. I have started to study for the Route test. I am also Cisco Instructor and have access to equipment.   Thanks
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    Please could someone help me with understanding the use of the above command?   The SWITCH OCG states that: By default, only the MAC and IP addresses contained within the ARP reply are validated. This does not...
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  • Mac Address Flapping on Port Channel

    Hi,   Would like to know whether its common for a MAC Address to flap between two trunk links which are bundled into a port channel.   Thanks, Yugandhar.
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  • MAC-Flapping between interfaces

    Hi everybody !   A switch generates error message about mac flapping, when the same mac address learned on two different interface.   How many time the same mac address should be moved between two differen...
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