• CCNA Certification

    My CCNA certificate is now expired, can I give the CCNP exam without recertification my CCNA
    Hammad Habib
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  • How do you recover IOS image (*.bin) from a switch?

    I used packet tracer a lot to simulate networks and learn more about networking and building/expanding networks. However, I have a question. I deleted the IOS image on the switch and when i restart it, it brings thi...
    Michael C
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  • Passed CCNA Security!

    Hello Community,   OMG, I passed.  After reading all of the complaints regarding this exam, I expected  and received a tough exam.   I'd like to thank this community for assisting me with my ...
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    I am trying to  create my own lab with packettracer. I want to try start from OSPF. I learned with standard labs on the internet but how can I make big lab with succesfull neigborship could someone explain me? I ...
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  • CCIE status inactive

    Dear All,   I obtained 3 CCIE and all of them fully expired 2 years ago. The current CCIE status are Inactive as shown below.   Routing and Switching Inactive 12-Mar-2008 Security Inactive 16-Mar-200...
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  • Just passed passed my ICND1 - nice to be CCENT certified!

    Hi Guys,   I just cam back from the test centre, with a heart-warming pass under my belt.   I studied using: Odom's Official Cert Guide Official Cisco Labs (way to easy compared to the exam) Pearson Labs...
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  • Exam Topic 5.5

    I am going through the blueprint as I am preparing myself to take the exam on Tuesday. Came across this one and am a little confused as to what we are looking to describe. Can anyone shed any ligh on this topic? &nbs...
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  • Strategy to Attack an Exam Question

    Hello All,   I'm in the final stages of review for my ICDN2.  I'm going through practice exams and I wanted to highlight a strategy I used in the past.  That strategy is the Process of Elimination.&nbs...
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  • Why not Pinging

    Hello All I have created 6 different VLAN in 4 different switches but I am unsuccessful pinging why????   What I have done is: -I have created VLAN 10,20,30, 40, 50 and 60 on sw1 and make it as a server through V...
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  • CCNA Exam Prep

    Hello,   I want to prepare for my CCNA exam. Need help in picking the books already have Todd Lamlee. But i think Wendell Odom is more extensive. I want the following things.   The Exam Simulator (ICND 1 ...
    Bharat C P
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  • CUCM / CUC / IM & P servers

    Hi,   Just starting on my collaboration studies and I've not really looked into IP telephony beyond the CCNA R&S requirements. I've dipped my foot in the water on the devnet sandbox, but from reading up and...
    Mike Gannon
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  • Cannot connect to Salt servers

    Hi,   I know this have been asked several times already. I tried troubleshooting myself but with no luck. I installed VIRL 1.5.145 on VMware 14. It worked ok but couldn't connect to salt servers when time came...
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  • bgp question

    Hi,   If  i have R1 --------------ISP  and  R2 ---------------------ISP  and one subnet   Do I need   BGP or I can achieve  internet connectivity and redundancy using&nbs...
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  • Redistribute BGP into EIGRP

    I am working on a network which has two sites (Site A and Site B). Each site has a MPLS router running BGP and OSPF and is patched into 6509 core switches. There are two 6509s per site and both MPLS routers only have ...
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    Hi Guys !   I am working with Cisco ASA 9.7 and ASDM 7.7 . I am trying to configure site to site VPN . I using this guide https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/asa/asa910/configuration/vpn/asa-910-vpn-c...
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  • The TCP/IP Model Explained

    Hi!   Here's a video explaining the TCP/IP model, which we need to know for CCENT/CCNA.   The TCP/IP model was in competition with the famous OSI model. But TCP/IP grew into protocols that are very common ...
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  • GRE/DMVPN/IPSEC Tunnel Configuration

    I shared this in another group and realized I haven't really put anything inside of the security side that much.  Here's my attempt to correct that  :-) (Firefox works best from what I've seen):   Vi...
  • Best router simulator (for free) ???

    Hi,   just wanted to ask, what router simulator you are using.   I am absolutely interested in simulating stuff before implementing it. But, to be honest, I'd like to know, what the best simulator could be...
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  • Router or Switch Hangs on Bootup

    After about my 20th time installing ViRL trying all available versions and rolling back to Workstation 12 i now finally have the Console option woring in VM Maestro, however i know have ran into another issue, no matt...
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  • VIRL network not found (and can't route to it)

    Yes, I've watched both the Cisco and a popular GNS3 / VIRL expert's videos and have VIRL installed correctly (everything is green in UWM, the license is less than a month old, etc.) on a new laptop with VMWare Worksta...
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