• Why Automatic VPC ID for Fex Port Numbers?

    Hi ,   I have seen automatic VPC ID created for each port number of FEX in the parent device (like 103 FEX Interfaces has VPC IDs with 103xx ). My setup is Dual Homed FEX connected to both nodes in the VPC. Does...
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  • Passed the CCDA

    I recently passed the CCDA exam on 2/1/2019. I want to share with you how I prepared for this exam and the resources that I used. Hopefully, my experience will help you prepare for your 200-310 exam. See my blog artic...
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  • CCDA Exam

    I read the exam is 55-65 questions, what format do these take are they are they MCQ, Labs, SIMs?   Got my CCNA Sec next month, and was wondering if to take CCDA soon after, then the CCDP given I also have a vali...
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  • How to prepare for ccda?

    I"m studying for ccda and ccie R&S, suggestions?
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  • Second attempt experience

    Hello Everyone in CLN,   longtime  I didn't log in since I was preparing for my second attempt for CCIE R/S, so here is my update, This morning I was supposed to be sitting the exam and I went on time and e...
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  • CCNA R&S Study Group - Proposals

    Hey Guys,   First, thank you for showing such interest. Honestly, I never expect to receive many responses, but this is the Cisco's magic.   The proposed dates and times are as follows: A- Date/Time 1- ...
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  • How to transition an unauthenticated OSPF area to an MD5 authenticated area on a Cisco?

    I currently have an existing OSPF area that has neighborships and is exchanging routes, but has no authentication mechanism. Is there a way to transition it to an MD5 authenticated area without tearing down the existi...
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  • IPv6 unique local address

    Hi,       I know that ipv6 unique local addresses are private ip addresses like IPv4 private addresses and used as a private ip addresses and these are not routable on internet, and it's prefix is...
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  • OSPF p2p vs broadcast

    Hi Guys,     I have a question regarding the setup of OSPF in a layer 3 swithing environment.   During your studies you will always learn that you configure OSPF the following way:   router ospf X ...
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  • Revision help

    I’m currently studying ICND 1 then will be going onto ICND 2 so I can become a CCNA Associate. Does any one have any revision notes for both of these exams. I would really appreciate it as my note writing is ter...
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  • CCNP Route - Material

    Hi All,   Like almost everyone here, I am starting to study for my CCNP Route exam which I am hoping to take in a few months .... (No exam date booked as of yet! )   From doing some research and reading fo...
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  • PPPoA simulation with GNS3

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate 2 routers, one acting as a client, another as server to simulate a PPPoA adsl connection, with GNS3 (version 2.1.12, vm version 0.10.14) I'm running 2 routers with c7200-adventerprisek9-...
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  • Study partner? CCNP ROUTE

    Hi!   Have a little over 5 years of networking experience. I currently hold A+, Sec+, CCENT, & CCNA. Been having trouble staying on track for my CCNP Route studies. Anyone else trying to obtain this cert with...
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  • VIRL LAB - Simulation not getting through for the 4th CSR

    Hi All,   I had an older version VIRL installed on a VM and had my lab going fine with 4 CSRs, 1 Nexus switch and 1 L2 switch. After upgraded my VIRL version to the latest one ,its not allowing to simulate the 4...
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  • New WLC 5840 - Prime Version

    Hey Team,   What version of Prime should I be running on a new WLC 5840?   thanks in advance.
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  • Actuall status of 210-451 CLDFND exam

    Hi All,   I want to ask someone who pass 210-451 this year (2019). I read here something about third party qeuestions that are not really coverd in the exam materials. If this is true ? Are questions for the exam...
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  • CCIE v5 Study Group (R&S)

    Hey all. I started up a new study group where we can all gather, put our materials together, come up with a game plan, and get our CCIE's. I know different people will be at various points in their studies, but I figu...
    Chaz (CCNAx2 / CCNP)
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  • VIRL License error on new install

    I was having issue with my VIRL 1.5 install getting my CSR1000 to launch and boot all the way.. I tried to create a new VIRL install in VMWare Workstation 14 and 15.  Now I just get "Failed to collect current s...
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  • Virl error parade, hoping for some help here (exceeded count 20)

    so I am a few months in with my subscription and have not gotten this working yet. I am running the PE edition on a linux laptop (which I was told should have no issues). I have had many errors but the most recent is ...
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  • CCNA Voice to CCNA Collaboration migration

    Hello,   How do I achieve a CCNA Collaboration certification if I already have a CCNA Voice certification?   Thanks.
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