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  • CCIE Service Provider v4.0 Online Resources

    CCIE Service Provider Online Resources  The list of online resources provides links to articles, white papers, and documentation covered in the Exam Topics. 1588v2 ASR9000/XR NV Edge Deployment Guide ASR9000/...
    Madhukar: Cisco Team
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  • EIGRP route filtering

    I want to stop exchanging EIGRP external routes (existing and future) between two routers. I cannot use an access list, prefix list or a route map.
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  • etherchennel

    Hi All, I m trying to do EtherChannel but my ports showing down. also, I configured vtp with version 1 but it is not replicating VLANs. also, I tried version 2 please check it. I m attaching PT file
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  • ACI Shared L3Out... BD not able to associate to L3Outs

    Hello CLN and a happy Monday morning--I'm trying to configure ACI so that EPGs in one tenant (Onefish) can use a L3Out from another tenant (Bluefish) and endpoints in the Onefish EPG can ping the external subnet comin...
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  • routing help

    Hi,   How to achieve  the below , do  i need to connect a switch between the routers and fw and configure router on stick   Thanks
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  • power inline

    Dear All, I am trying to change interface power inline but it showing only auto and never option only. can anyone say me how to change power inline in 3560 switch.   thank you.
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  • Older IOS Version

    Greetings, I have some Cisco 2600 series equipment and I am interested in the IOS images. I wonder if you know where I can download them in view that they dont have any support  by Cisco, however they still work ...
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  • ACI Design Webinar 2019/2/28 第7回 ACI L3out 要点ポイントまとめ

    2019/3/26 更新:L3outの構成デザインパターンとして、p.28 [同一Node / 別L3out]構成をNGとして記載していましたが、L3outレベルで異なるパラメータ値を個別に必要とする複数のL3outを同一Nodeに対して構成する必要があるケース等ではこのデザインとする必要がありますので、記載を修正させていただきました。同一Nodeに対しては同一Router IDを構成する必要がありますが、別L3outで構成するこ...
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  • Networking Track Certificate

    Hi Team   Can anyone tell me the exam code for 'Network Track". Is this certificate for the company or individuals? Our company selected me to go an write this certificate. Where and how can I find study mate...
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  • prerequisites to write CCNA ICND2

    Hello Guys,   I have completed my CCENT (ICND1) Certification on SEPT 2017 and it is valid upto Sept 2020. Am I eligible to write CCNA ICND2?What are prerequisites to write CCNA ICND2?   Thanks in advance...
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  • I have passed to CCDA today!

    Hello guys,   I'm glad to announce that i have passed today to CCNA exam in my first attempt with score 927.   My exam was scheduled on 02/19/19. It was a short, but an intensive journey.   This grou...
    Urik Silva
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  • Config steps to setup Cisco devices to spit syslog messages to KIWI Syslog server and Cisco Prime Infrastructure at the same time

    Hi All,   Can someone help me with configuration steps to setup all Cisco devices to spit Syslog messages to following Monitoring Systems at the same time      -  Cisco Prime  &n...
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  • Why MPLS LDP Neighborship does not form between routers in a same vlan ?

    I have routers connected on a switch and thoses switches implement Vlans. Anu idea ?
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  • Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) - How To Index

    ※このACI How To "Community" サイトで公開させていただいている情報は、Cisco ACIに関わるナレッジを共有させて頂くことを目的としております。なるべく情報の正確性には努めてはおりますが、本Communityサイトで公開させて頂いている情報に基づいておこなわれた構成その他あらゆる設定に関してシスコとして一切の責任を持つことはできませんので、必ず公式なドキュメント、ガイド、データシートなどを参照下さいますよう...
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    There are two router in EIGRP AS-100. I want to build a configuration, such that they will never exchange existing and future EIGRP External routes ( D EX). I am not allowed to create a access list , prefix list or ro...
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  • AAA TACAS + pkt Tracer

    Hi all, I am working with TACAS + packet Tracer . This is very basic lab . In this lab I am able to telnet R1 from Host but I am not able to telnet R2 from host . Please check what I am doing wrong ?
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  • 300-080 CCNP Collab study materials

    Hello Everyone,      I'm trying to find the Cisco Press book for 300-080, but no luck.  Does anyone know where I can purchase it?  or any other good 300-080 study materials?   Than...
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  • Practice Tests

    So took the ICND 1 in Jan, and again in Feb and hit 816.   I have it booked for Tuesday....just took a Boson test and got 635!!!   Honestly dont know what to do now.   Is it worth rescheduling?
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  • NAT with Static Port Translation

    Hi all,   I am hoping some one can explain/help   I am trying to setup static port address translation on a router (i.e. port 442 to 442 etc.)  However, it is not working.  On diagnosing with the...
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