• nat + pbr scenario

    hey guys. i have a scenario. i have a lan and r4 is my edge router to the internet. i want to nat my lan ip on fa1/0 for some reason and then pbr that on fa2/0 to have internet. (assume i reach the net just by r4-r5 l...
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  • bgp dampening

    Hello i have a question about BGP:  The following example enables route dampening and sets the half-life-time to 20 minutes, the reuse-value to 1800, the suppress-valueto 8000, and the maximum-suppress-time to...
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  • Is it just me or is documentation for stateful and stateless NAT64 on cisco.com confusing

    I tried configuring both stateful and stateless NAT64 by following along with configuration examples in documentation on cisco.com (for both 15M&T and IOS-XE) and in both cases following the configuration example ...
    Steven Davidson
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  • special register form for ccnp recertification?

    Hey guys, I need to recertificate my ccnp R&S and I think I will do the ccnp switch exam 300-115. When I register for the test at pearson vue, is there a special way of registering I have to use? Or can I just ...
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  • encapsulation dot1Q VLAN ID

    Dear All,   I have seen one configuration in our office router, its the interface connecting ISP from my branch router, Can somebody show me the topology, how this will work, there is no VLAN 633 configured in ...
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  • RSTP Alternate Port

    Hello all,   In ICND2 OCG, page 60, it has the following words on RSTP Alternate Port Role. But the same can be said about SW2. Why does Gi0/1 on SW2 becomes designated port instead of Alternate port?   TIA!
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  • In STP, what port is blocked?

    Hello all,   ICND2 OCG Chapter 2 STP, page 52, has the following paragraph. It mentioned root port and disignated port, and also forwarding and blocking state.   We know root port and designated ports have...
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  • OSPF PE_CE Routing Lab

    Goals Implement intranet for Customers 1 and 2 Make sure Redundant Paths are used in case of Failure Routes from same Customer should not appear as external routes in OSPF The routing between Site 4 and Site 3 sho...
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  • How to make a traceroute repeat continuously

    Does anybody know how to make a traceroute command repeat, similar to the ping command? Is there a script or something that can be run on Cisco iOS that can accomplish this?
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  • My CCNP R&S Journey

    Hey Guys,   Just wanted to make a post that is going to help me keep track of everything that I am doing in order to obtain my CCNP R&S and hope it will hep others to obtain theirs. I will detail the expense...
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  • Is ASDM and CCP both on CCNA-security exam?

    What's the difference between them? I also read at some place that none of them is currently used in real world, then what GUI is used in real world? is ASDM the older between two and totally not in use? Thanks in a...
    Danny L
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  • Regarding Virl Network Environment

    Hello. I have questions about Virl. Could someone support me?   1.       Does function and performance depend on hypervisor? 2.       Is it possible ...
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  • CCIE Lab Security v5|| PASS+PASS+PASS = FAIL|| Re-view

    Hi all,   I have attempted for 2nd time the CCIE Security Lab v5. During my 2nd attempt, I believe that I did a great job in all the three sections:   1) TSHOOT I was able to resolve and verify all the inc...
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  • CBS and PBS in traffic policing

    Hi guys, I am examining traffic policing function on Cisco device (my device run IOS XR software, ASR9010). I am so confusing about CBS and PBS value. I try to change them but I get the same result with different (C...
    Nam Nguyen
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  • RSTP

    just finished spanning tree protocol chapter, absolutely brutal,, so whats the best practice for stp or rstp, in a scalable topologies ,its on by default, are we looking for something in stp? and just fisher price it ...
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  • RSTP 802.1w BPDU Forwarding in non-root switches

    I understand that when a switch is running the original STP 802.1d that only the root switch generates BPDUs and the non root switch forwards them out of their non root ports. My question is do non root switches not o...
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  • CCDE Technical Seminar Barcelona 2019

    Hi there! Happy new year!  Will there be a CCDE Technical Seminar in Cisco Live Barcelona this year?  I am not able to find it!
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  • I passed!!!

    Well, after 2 long years of fears and procrastination, i finally decided to schedule and take the ICND1 exam   Today was the day, and, guess what?  I PASSED!!!! it's a really great feeling to see the "Congr...
    Israel C.
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  • Virl Hypervisor

    I am planning to use the free version of VMware Workstation Player. So what I want to know is whether there is a difference in function or performance by Hypervisor. Please guide me!
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  • security contexts with a ASAv image in VIRL ?

    Hello,   I'm trying to test the security contexts feature of ASA, using a 9.6 ASAv image on VIRL but without any success.   Can you suggest a way i could test this feature virtually ?   Regards  ...
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